Organic is sustainable

Organic is the way to produce food in harmony with nature. It combines best environmental practices, high standards of animal welfare and natural ingredients and manufacturing methods are encouraged.

The term ’organic’ is defined and known internationally. The organic market and consumer interest in organic products is on the rise all over the world, with a well-established standing in Europe. The international trends can also be seen in Finland, reinforcing the demand for organic products. This growth is further alleviated by the increasing consumer interest in health, environment, animal welfare as well as natural tastes.

Organic is closely related in sustainable development. Public food services are encouraged to offer organic food - as a means to provide sustainable food services. Finnish Government released policies in May 2013 concerning the use of organic products in public, industrial kitchens. The goal is that in public kitchens 20 % of the food served will be organic by the year 2020. (MAF 05/2013)

Government resolution on new and sustainable environmental- and energy solutions (Cleantech solutions) promotion of public procurement on promoting sustainable development in public procurement (VNP 06/2013)

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry released program of organic field on 05/2013

” Clean nutrition and organic foods are an important part of Steiner-school’s operation principle. It stems from the idea that the child’s body receives the best possible building blocks for development. With a three-year experience, I can add also the taste is better with organic products. ”

- Merja Jokiniemi, Tampere Steiner School

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