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Before the actual registration it is good to make an organizational decision on starting to use organic products. Furthermore, it is recommended that a plan to using organic is implemented.


Make a strategic decision for your organization to start using organic products; incorporate and register it in your plan of action. Procurement guidelines also need to be included with the decision. It is recommended that a yearly plan of organic use is employed, facilitating a gradual addition of organic products.

At this stage it is good to make a decision on menu planning and possible changes to food production processes.


Define whether your entire organization shall join the program at the same time, or only a part of it, such as municipal services like day care centers or homes for the elderly. Within a single registration all the facilities need to use the same organic products and proceed with the program at the same pace. However, the different operation fields within the same organization can be registered as separate groups, allowing them to proceed at their own pace.


The organization must appoint a person to act as the liaisons manager for the organization to work with the program supervisor. The liaisons manager shall provide information like program events and news leaflets within the entire organization.


Choose the organic products best suited for your own processes. To start using organics it is enough to select one significant product that is served or used daily or at least twice a week in the food production. Already a single product validates access to the first step of the program.

Menu planning along with product selection is crucial. It is not sensible to simply change the products on the menu to organic products directly.


The Steps to Organic –web site includes general organic information as well as information on the use in professional kitchens. The materials will help passing the organic test.


Start joining the Steps to Organic -program by taking the Organic Test on the web site.

The test can be done by all the personnel of the organization. After completing the test, fill in the registration form.


After completing the test, fill in the registration form.

KEEP the login information!

Keep the registration information and passwords safe so you will be able to update the Organic Plan as necessary. You will need to update your progress for instance in order to reach the next step of the program.


Remember to inform the entire personnel as well as the customers of the organization about the use of organic products. It pays to clarify the goals and aims of the organization for using organic products as well as explain why it is good to use them. To help with this, there are materials available and free to use in the extra-section of the site.


After registration the program manager examines the application and approves it. After this, the information on the form can be updated as necessary and, for instance, apply for the next step.

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