For ”kitchens” both big and small

The Steps to Organic -program is open to join for single kitchens or organizations consisting of several kitchens.

An organization wishing to join the program can be

  • A singular food preparation kitchen, such as a school kitchen or a single restaurant
  • A food service unit with several kitchens, such as municipal food services or a chain of cafeterias
  • A subsection of a foodservice unit, such as day care catering or hotel breakfast services
  • Different events catering services

If the organization joining the program consists of several kitchens, they all have to join at the same step and commit to using the same organic product or products.

Each kitchen joining and their contact information are displayed at these Steps to Organic -web site at Steps to Organic -kitchens, unless the organization explicitly forbids the release of their information. Also separate kitchens belonging to the same organization are shown at the web site, and are awarded their own Steps to Organic Diplomas.

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