Commitment and activities

Sustainable development

The kitchens are committed to promote sustainable development in their functions. The kitchen personnel studies sustainable development by means of the included Steps to Organic -network coaching materials and are committed to constantly using organic products in the kitchens. In addition the kitchens are recommended other sustainable acquisitions and reductions in waste production and energy consumption.

Functions and communication

The kitchens are committed to dependable activity and communication. They shall make a plan about how to verify the use of organic products and how to prevent confusion with regular foodstuffs. In communication, this means informing the customers and affiliates about the use of organic products in a clear and precise manner. The diner needs to have the information on what part of the meal is organic.

The kitchens accepted into the program shall be awarded Steps to Organic –diplomas, which allow for them to dependably provide information on their use of organic foods to their affiliates.

Own pace

The program is voluntary and offers the kitchens a chance to proceed at their own pace and to start using the program at any step they wish.

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