A working and dependable model

EkoCentria has been maintained the Steps to Organic -program by the Agriculture and Forestry Ministry of funding since 2002.  With the experience gained over the years and by working in cooperation with kitchen professionals the program has been developed and renewed to better meet the needs of professional kitchens.

The EU act on organic foods does not concern industrial kitchens, and there is no national act or enforcement in Finland, like in many other countries, to promote the use of organic foods.  The Steps to Organic -program offers a dependable way of using organic products also in food services. By proceeding in steps it is possible to develop the kitchen functions, product availability as well as customer expectations at the same pace.

The program is flexible, as each kitchen can enter the step they wish, select the organic products in normal use and proceed further along the steps at their own pace

"The Steps to Organic -program allows the Juva Food Services to gain information on organic products and tips on using organic products in food preparation."

-Annikki Tarvainen, Catering Manager, Juva Municipality

"By joining the Steps to Organic -program the customers of Palmia were assured that the use of organic products and foods is under long-term development and increase. Partaking also helps the Palmia personnel to constantly strive to work for organic promotion. Furthermore, it offers a network and forum that allows discussing organic food issues with others."

-Tiina Ahola, Designer, Palmia Catering

"The program has allowed Servica to receive guidance in the use of organic products and their availability. The Steps to Organic -program in its part provides more visibility in striving towards more sustainable choices in food services production."

-Sari Karttunen, Acting Branch Manager, Servica Food Services

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